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I’ve always found happiness in traveling unexpected roads that lead to new knowledge.

Within the last decade or so, I’ve been a teacher, a researcher in a neuroscience laboratory, and an Emergency Medical Technician; I’ve toured the country as a musician, completed law school and graduate studies in psychology, and published peer-reviewed articles about purpose in life. Next on my list? I’ve always wanted to fly an airplane. 


As a writer, I’ve found great satisfaction in uncovering intriguing aspects about our world and sharing this knowledge with others. In particular, I like to approach big, sweeping topics and break them down to expose latent idiosyncrasies and quirky truths. I try to approach complex ideas with writing that is free-flowing and easy, like a casual conversation with a friend. No one has ever wanted to read a textbook.


I currently live in Los Angeles with my wife, who is also a lawyer and just happened to sit next to me during my very first law school lecture. We don’t have a dog, but we sure talk about them a lot.

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