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 #1 Amazon Bestseller in Civil Law, Law Legal Education, and Domestic Relations Family Law

There's a lot of stuff you don't know about the law,
but really should!

We hear about the law everywhere, from our social media feeds to 24/7 news coverage, and even during heated debates with friends and family. But do the people we’re listening to really understand the law, or how it works?


Welcome to your crash course on some of the most bizarre, infuriating, and vitally important legal topics of today. Using real-world cases as a guide, you’ll explore laws that affect your everyday life and analyze the rationales behind the ones that might make your head spin. Your mind will be blown and you’ll even find yourself laughing as you learn about the weird quirks of criminal law, civil law, contract law, property law, tort law, international law, and courtroom procedure.

Written to be easily digestible for all readers, Maclen Stanley teaches the law through fascinating real-world stories and humorous hypothetical examples. You’ll feel like you’re having a casual conversation with a friend as you develop a deeper understanding of the laws that affect you, your family, and your friends.

Recent Reviews:

"For anyone who doubts just how quirky and unpredictable the law can be, this book should be required reading. Maclen Stanley's book introduces readers to weird and often shocking aspects of the law. It is an immensely fascinating expose that readers will relish, not least of all because it is so well written, humorous, and at times dumbfounding." --Stephen J. Ceci, The H. L. Carr Chaired Professor of Psychology, Cornell University

"Fascinating and surprising, funny and (often) enraging, The Law Says What? answers the questions about the law, the courts, and the police you'd always wondered about - as well as many you probably hadn't known to ask. With his clear exposition and wry wit, Maclen Stanley is one of few authors who can make a journey through the complexities of the legal system seem not only effortless but also highly entertaining. Enjoy a riveting read - and become a more informed citizen in the process." -- Anna Stansbury, Assistant Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management

"Maclen Stanley has a real way with words (I would NOT want to face him in court!), and in his hands what could have been a very dry subject becomes the sort of book where I kept interrupting my reading to share fun tidbits with my longsuffering spouse. There is lots of history, going all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome, where reportedly Augustus Caesar banished an actor for “giving the finger” to an audience member who booed him. There are interesting cases, such as the famous incident where a woman won $5 million from McDonald’s because she was burned when she spilled coffee in her lap and lesser known but just as interesting ones I won’t describe so as not to spoil the fun of discovery. There are odd little details, like the legal guidance that says the “c” in “Court” should be capitalized only when referring to the Supreme Court; our local District court does not merit the capital letter. I consider myself pretty well-informed for a layperson, but I learned a LOT. I highly recommend this book to a broad cross-section of readers." Angie, Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer/VINE Voice

"The law is the foundation of our democratic society but as every first-year law student quickly discovers, most of us have no clue about how the law actually applies to real-world situations that affect our lives. The Law Says What? is a brilliant, fascinating, fun, and easy-to-follow citizen's guide that fills this critical gap." --Scott Westfahl, Professor of Practice and Director of Executive Education, Harvard Law School

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